Satanica Antarctica

by Seke Nipahem (Black Moon)

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released January 21, 2016

Dakota Black Moon (Westbrook) All instruments and Vocals
William Lombardo all Lyrics



all rights reserved
Track Name: Satanica Antarctica
I am of the dead painted faces and blood running red .shadows they move through the flames but they are cold in artic ways. Satanica for I sold my soul Antarctica forever cold......frozen beaten broken and old my life I gave to him. Eternal damnation purifying light time has no meaning as day shifts to night. flames lick the bones of the recently dead they illuminate his eyes this demon of dread within his voice a banshees scream... evil incarnate malicious and mean. I prayed to him for guidance oh god help me now raise me from this pain. Satanica I sold my soul Antarctica forever cold. is this heaven within my mind is this hell am I still alive for this I must know. What Satan has taken cannot be mistaken my immortal soul. Cold cold cold break the ice from my bones take up my sword of hate and bring down the pearl laid-en gates .for once let us in. Cold cold rust turns to gold
Cold cold give back my soul cold cold....the gate will stay closed Antarctica forever.
Track Name: The Day That You Died
Selfish are you to take your life selfish are you for those left behind in death you can't hear their screams or see the tears they cried.
Did you really think that click and boom would cure the sick sick sickness inside or take away the pain the day that you died.
Hollowed ground desecrated soul forever bound between the realms never to see never to speak never to feel.
Now your gone and we shed no more tears when you ended your life you left nothing but pain and or fear you are worthless in death much as in life pathetic and weak a tragic suicide.