Solitude In A Snowy Grave

by Seke Nipahem (Black Moon)

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This is the third release by Seke featuring guest material from Celeste of Vaginalseepage.


released October 10, 2014

Dakota Black Moon on all instrumentals and vocals and lyrics for main tracks.
Celeste for guest vocals and lyrics on White Ghosts (Bonus Track)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sad Pathetic Child
Snow, blind, awake in death, currage lost, hide in the shadows of hate you dwell
Time loss, death sacrifice, sold your soul to a cheap needy man, now you pray ou find death,
eternal rest, none that you find, sleep in the hollow tomb of your ancestors though you will just wake up
Track Name: My Love Return
Touched by an angel those are the words that come to mind when she was first hear then she was gone i cried for this angel to return she was gone so long long enough for me to feel the worlds pain.... i felt the pain of the unloving mother you call earth the pain was barren and cold where were you my protector my lover my savior don't call me a fool for always waiting for you
now the cold set in my heart as a witch stole my honor and pride where are you i cried she appeared and took it back for me she gave me my love back
Track Name: Innocence Of Our Love Stolen By Rape
Bonds broken over time as the witch casts her spell of greed and now we wait and wonder will we ever feel the love again the forgotten memory of what we had it was so beautiful she took it along with our pride as she stripped and had the horde rape you
your innocence was mine
and now ill never have that gift
god damn the monarchs who rule this land
god damn you all to hell feel the pressure build as i cut into you flesh like you cut into hers
Track Name: My Broken Heart
I slit my wrists to take the pain away you gave me
i bleed it feels better then the heartache you gave me
i want it to end
my broken heart
I want my my pain to kill over with me the one you caused so long ago
my broken heart
feed my my bullet mother so i can sleep
my broken heart
take the knife out of my back and put it in my chest
Track Name: A Snowy Grave
The distant memory of what we called happiness and tranquility thrown into the oncoming storm with my sanity
the distance i traveled for you
you wrecked it all with just a few words the amount of times i cried for you and you left me there in a snowy grave
dead was what i was inside when you gave me the knife that you cut out my heart with
Killed by your greed what we had can never be brought back to the light forever buried in the dark the snow leaves in the hole you dug you killed it all
i tried to help you
and you deny me
my right of happiness
Track Name: The Harvest Winter
The snow that drops turns red on the feild where the corpses lay
there spirits leave to the grandest of place
the bodies, vesles left to rot in the sun... the snow is there sheild whilst they wait for use
re animation or possibly the cure for ones starvation
the woodland race is who collects the bodies
there use is unknown to us
there time to be remebered is well far over
desicration of there flesh to preserve a long lasting salvation
of a race...
the winter is the time we harvest the flesh
Track Name: The Tundra Of Loss That Encases Your Heart With Sorrow
Eternal marker that sits before my head waiting for the day its falls like all monuments cause no one cares about us because we faced a different reality.
killed by the love that she gave us it was a lie a horrid lie
the snow falls down as she buries him farther down
his heart gone stolen from the grave
she cries as if she cared the bitch of all who broke him into the grave she gave it to him the worse
Track Name: The Blinded Sheep
Lier the pathetic march for a false damn prophecy the true god lies dead in you because you fail to relize you made you
the blinded sheep march unto there graves awaiting the day of decay in there little tombs made by a false savior
the blinded sheep will die at the hands of a true warrior not a sheep who takes his orders from another one like himself